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Download E-books Mortal Consequences (Forgotten Realms: Netheril Trilogy, Book 3) PDF

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By Clayton Emery

Endgame . . .

The Netherese Empire will cave in in 5 generations.

A forgotten foe, armed with a hell-spawned resource of harmful magic, returns to hunt her revenge, and a misplaced love is located in a such a lot unforeseen place.

Against a backdrop of battle and chaos, the barbarian Sunbright struggles to carve out a distinct segment for himself -- and his humans -- in a speedily altering world.

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Download E-books Crown of Fire: Shandril's Saga, Book II PDF

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By Ed Greenwood

The second one e-book in Ed Greenwood’s first Forgotten nation-states trilogy.

Author Ed Greenwood persevered the tale of Shandril of Highmoon during this moment quantity of the Shandril’s Saga trilogy. This mass marketplace version of the alternate paperback positive aspects new hide paintings by means of Jon Sullivan.

AUTHOR BIO: A resident of Ontario, Ed Greenwood created the Forgotten nation-states environment approximately 30 years in the past and has written enormous quantities of novels, articles, and video game items within the atmosphere. His latest novel is Elminster’s Daughter.

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Download E-books The Savage Caves (Dungeons & Dragons Novel) PDF

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By T.H. Lain

The first booklet in a sequence that includes characters from the D&D center rules.

Featuring the long-lasting characters that seemed during the newest variation of the D&D online game, this new sequence will allure new avid gamers and readers to a few of the worlds featured within the Wizards of the Coast booklet publishing line. The already favourite characters and D&D-related content material also will make this sequence very approachable to present players.

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Download E-books The Sorcerer (Forgotten Realms: Return of the Archwizards, Book 3) PDF

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By Troy Denning

The fascinating end of the go back of the Archwizards trilogy.

The Sorcerer concludes the go back of the Archwizards trilogy through New York Times bestselling writer Troy Denning. occasions during this trilogy can have nice impression on different Forgotten Realms novels to return, and this actual name introduces components of swap to Forgotten Realms readers.

In the blasted ruins of Tilverton, demons stalk the shadows.

In Evereska and Cormyr, alliances crumble.

In the sun-baked wasteland of Anauroch, an empire of darkness is established.

In the soul of a tortured elf, the long run is decided.

From the writer of The Summoning, The Siege, and dying of the Dragon (with Ed Greenwood), the Realms-shaking go back of the Archwizards sequence involves a gorgeous conclusion!

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Download E-books The Wizardwar (Forgotten Realms: Counselors & Kings, Book 3) PDF

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By Elaine Cunningham

The intriguing end to the newest Elaine Cunningham trilogy.

The Wizardwar completes the Forgotten Realms Counselors & Kings trilogy, which offers with characters and occasions within the country of Halruaa. The order of counselors defined in the course of the sequence is exclusive to Halruaa and to this trilogy, hence making this set of titles the one position Forgotten Realms enthusiasts can locate info on those characters and this setting.

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Download E-books Swordmage: Blades of the Moonsea, Book I (Forgotten Realms: Blades of the Moonsea Series 1) PDF

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Find a complete new realm of adventure!

while a wandering swordmage, expert by means of the elves of fantasy Drannor, returns to his boyhood domestic at the windswept beaches of the Moonsea, he reveals that corruption has taken carry, leaving his family and friends open to a devastating evil.

Swordmage was once the 1st novel to completely embody the fascinating new parts from the following variation of the Dungeons & Dragons online game. This paperback resize releases clean at the heals of the Forgotten Realms crusade Guide, and showcases an enormous revision to the Forgotten Realms global that has fanatics buzzing.

From the Paperback edition.

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Download E-books Pathfinder Player Companion: Halflings of Golarion PDF

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  • From the start of historical past, halflings have lived side-by-side with humanity, dwelling in human towns, adopting human customs, and seeing to the typical wishes of people as chefs, entertainers, and menials. right now difficult operating and lackadaisical, cozy at domestic yet keen to go away right away if the perfect chance comes alongside, halflings are a research in contrasts. They’re additionally dependable, good-natured, and probably the greatest partners an adventurer could have. And now, in the end, their secrets and techniques, tradition, ideals, and lore may be published! Pathfinder participant significant other: Halflings of Golarion presents Pathfinder RPG gamers every little thing they should play halfling characters, bringing a race that each one too frequently slips into the history entrance and center!

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Download E-books Traps & Treachery (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying) PDF

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Traps & Treachery is the definitive d20 approach source for traps, tips, puzzles, and poisons. Traps & Treachery includes greater than 60 entire descriptions of magic and mechanical traps, all superbly illustrated, unique guidance on catch layout and class, entire ideas for developing and utilizing poisons, new status periods, new abilities, new feats, new apparatus, new magic goods, the Thievery clerical area, and extra.

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Download E-books Tymora's Luck (Forgotten Realms Lost Gods, Vol. 3) PDF

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By Kate Novak

Before the sunrise Cataclysm, Moander the Darkbringer corrupted Tyche, Goddess of success. In a determined try and guard Tyche's goodness, the gods clove her in twain, growing daughter goddesses: Tymora, woman success; and Beshaba, girl Doom. within the eons for the reason that then, the 2 sisters have existed in overall enmity.

Now an excellent strength has hatched a mad scheme to re-create the goddess Tyche by way of reuniting Tymora and Beshaba, whatever the almost certainly calamitous consequences.

In a call fraught with godly intrigue, Joel, the insurgent Bard, priest of Finder, is selected to discover whoever is at the back of the kidnapping of the sister goddesses. Aided through his outdated allies, Holly Harrowslough and Jas, and his new good friend, the kender Emilo Haversack, Joel needs to give you the option to avoid the merger of Tymora and Beshaba sooner than catastrophe overtakes the luckless Realms.

The Forgotten Realms meet Dragonlance meet Planescape in a heart-stoppin gadventure that spans 3 worlds.

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Download E-books Forgotten Realms Player's Guide (Dungeons & Dragons: Supplement, 4th Edition) PDF

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By Rob Heinsoo, Robert J. Schwalb, Logan Bonner

The entire consultant for development Forgotten Realms characters!

Welcome to Faerûn, a land of fantastic magic, terrifying monsters, historic ruins, and hidden wonders. the realm has replaced because the Spellplague, and from this arcane crucible have emerged shining kingdoms, tyrannical empires, potent heroes, and monster-infested dungeons.

The Forgotten Realms Player's Guide provides this replaced global from the viewpoint of the adventurers exploring it. This product comprises every little thing a participant must create his personality for a D&D crusade within the Forgotten Realms atmosphere, together with new feats, new personality powers, new paragon paths and epic destinies, or even a brand-new personality category by no means sooner than obvious in D&D: the swordmage!

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